BLOG: Health & Fitness: Taking that Big First Step

April 10, 2014 - 11:32
Author Name: 
LaNelda Rolley

For years, weight training, indoor cycling, and cardio were the main components of my fitness plan. Personal trainers advise you to mix up your routine to “shock” your muscles and energize your workouts. I often thought about adding yoga to the plan, but only knew it as a stress reducer and flexibility increaser. How would yoga complement the strength and muscle tone gained from weight training? Which type of yoga would be best for me? With so many yoga classes, where should I go?

The first place I went, of course, was the Internet. The online search helped me find out which yoga style was best for my experience level and fitness goals. With that question answered, I needed to find the right class. Living in Las Vegas, you will find a multitude of options, but it’s always best to pick a studio convenient to home or work. I decided to stick with who I know and trust best.

UNLV Continuing Education has a wide range of wellness classes – from golf to meditation. I selected a yoga class that met immediately after work. The class included other beginners as well as those who moved effortlessly from the downward facing dog to the plank pose. It provided me with a good introduction to yoga at a reasonable fee. The class also gave me enough confidence to practice another yoga style.

UNLV Continuing Education offers classes to meet your needs, whether personal or professional. Whenever you are looking to learn something new or different, I encourage you to make Continuing Education your first stop in an online search.

Yoga: Mixed Level begins April 30. There are only a few spots remaining.