Animal Massage & Care Provider Certificate Program

This certification program, developed by Innovative Pet Therapy, will guide you into the world of animals and help you help them have healthy, peaceful lives.

You will learn core Animal Massage & Care Provider (AMCP) guidelines and bodywork recipes useful for rescuers, vet techs, groomers, trainers, pet sitters, equestrians, and other interested pet care professionals. In addition to classroom instruction, students are expected to complete a two hour field trip, 10 hours of projects, and 40 hours of documented work with animals.

From an animal’s perspective:

You will learn how to be a strong, independent animal bodywork provider while strengthening the human-animal bond. IPTouch teaches animal massage with the animal’s perspective as its central theme. It includes Swedish, Sports, Myofascial, Trigger Point, Shiatzu, Stretching, and Muscle Energy techniques that animals will understand and appreciate.

Recognized by:

The Dolphin Habitat, Shilo Equine Rescue, Jungle Friends Monkey Rescue, Cheval Equine Show, Greyhound Rescue, Adam and Eve Burmese Pythons, Ferret Rescue, Feral Cat Rehabilitation, Bird Rescue Sanctuary, Wallaby Rescue, Equine Rodeo, Dressage, Jumper and Endurance Specialists, as well as numerous animal shelters and veterinarians.

Program Requirements:

To earn the Animal Massage & Care Provider Certificate you must successfully complete:

  • Animal Massage & Care Provider curriculum
  • Pet First Aid & CPR (included during regular class times)


The cost for instruction and certification is $1,499, which includes the Pet First Aid & CPR requirement.

Learning Outcomes: