Fitness Business Management Certificate

Many fitness and wellness professionals are initially drawn to a career in the fitness industry because of the positive impact they can make on clients’ health and quality of life. A successful fitness business relies on more than burning calories and building muscles, however. To be competitive in the business world, one must possess strategic planning, accounting, marketing, human resource, and customer service skills. 

Earning your Fitness Business Management Certificate

UNLV’s Fitness Business Management program will prepare entrepreneurs, owners, or department managers to implement successful business strategies in various types of fitness and wellness settings. Whether you own a small yoga, Pilates, or dance studio, operate as an independent fitness trainer or dietician, or manage a health club, wellness center, medically-based therapy site, or corporate fitness center, specialized business training can help your venture survive and thrive.

To earn the Fitness Business Management Certificate you must complete three core courses:

Business Development & Financial Management in Fitness: Become a more successful fitness or wellness entrepreneur, owner, or department manager by understanding key business principles and management strategies. Learn the business planning process and apply common approaches to developing a strategic business plan geared toward the health and fitness industry. Participants will apply concepts covered in class by writing a business plan. This carefully thought-out business blueprint will help you determine your competition, select your product and service offerings, create marketing plans and strategies, write an operations plan, and outline financial expectations. 

Customer Service, Marketing, & Sales Management for the Fitness Enterprise Attract your target customers and keep them happy and engaged. Examine your fitness marketing plan, develop a full market analysis for your business, and perform a thorough industry analysis to determine your marketing strategy. Define your target audience and find your competitive niche. In addition, learn and identify sales and service management strategies and sales techniques proven to work well for fitness and wellness businesses. 

Fitness Management & Business Administration Prepare to fully implement the business plans you created for your fitness or wellness enterprise. Evaluate procedures and systems to ensure the effective and efficient use of resources to achieve consistent service delivery for your staff, vendors, and customers. Apply operational concepts and structure to align with industry standards and guidelines. Develop administrative, managerial, and leadership skills needed to effectively manage and motivate customers and employees. This final course helps you synthesize all your new business knowledge and translate it into actionable steps.

Bundle discounts are available when you enroll in all three courses during a single term. Courses may also be taken individually to expand your skill set.
Learning Outcomes: