Nurse Paralegal Certificate Program

When law and medicine intersect, companies increasingly turn to nurse paralegals to sift through all the medical records and industry jargon. Law offices, insurance companies, hospitals, and publications all trust nurse paralegals to make certain that patient care is delivered safely, effectively, and legally.

Working as a Nurse Paralegal

Nurse paralegals apply their medical training and experience outside of clinical work. Most nurse paralegals have five or more years in direct patient care and maintain their nursing credentials even after transitioning partially or completely over to legal work. To be successful they must keep abreast of developments in both the medical and legal fields.

Most nurse paralegals work regular business hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, allowing for weekends and holidays off. Working as a nurse paralegal removes you from the physical demands of direct patient care (lifting, bending, pathogen exposure, etc.) while still allowing you to advocate for patients’ needs and rights.

According to, average income for nurse paralegals in 2013 was just under $70,000 annually, earning substantially more than paralegal generalists. Employment opportunities are expected to grow 17 percent between now and 2020.

Curriculum & Eligibility

Nurse paralegal candidtates will gain competency in essential paralegal skills alongside students training as paralegal generalists. Nurse paralegal students then complete three sessions on Health Care Procedures elements. In addition, there will be a 24 hour online self-study portion focusing on Health Care for Paralegals. Proof of a current nursing license (minimum of LPN or RN) is required prior to enrollment.

To earn the Nurse Paralegal Certificate you must be enrolled in the certificate application course 173PL9999 and successfully complete the Nurse Paralegal course.


UNLV Nurse Paralegal instruction is conveniently scheduled to work with your busy life. Students attend class one evening or morning per week. Three Saturday sessions and an online component will focus specifically on legal issues relevant to health care. Participants should anticipate spending additional out-of-class time completing course assignments and conducting research at the UNLV Law Library. Instruction takes approximately four months to complete.

Learning Outcomes: