Protective Services Professional Certificate (PSPC)

The Protective Services Professional Certificate is an intensive, week-long training program designed exclusively for executive protection, corporate security, military, and law enforcement professionals interested in providing lower visibility personal security within permissive or semi-permissive environments. Candidates learn how to better protect high net worth individuals, public figures, and government officials through comprehensive and realistic protective services and personal security training.

PSPC is designed exclusively for executive protection, corporate security, DOD, Federal Government, and law enforcement professionals who need to know protective services’ best practices and cutting-edge techniques. You will receive instruction in the essential elements of both personal protective services and protective driving operations.

How to sign up:

Students must be approved for enrollment based on their work history, training, education, and/or security industry affiliation. All applicants must contact Stefanie Hughes at PFC Training at or 702-647-1126.

Requirements for Program Admittance

Some of the topics you will learn about include:

  • Protective Security Detail Organization & Operations
  • Walking Formations
  • Protective Physical Defense
  • Risk Assessment & Threat Analysis
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Attack Recognition
  • Principal Cover & Control Techniques
  • Legal Issues & Use of Force
  • Vehicle & Motorcade Operations
  • Protective Driving Fundamentals
  • Route Analysis & Selection
  • Vehicle Counter-Ambush Drills
  • Vehicular Immediate Action Drills
  • Attack on Principal Scenarios
  • Protective Service Emergency Medical Response
  • Vehicle Searches & Preparation for Protective Driving
  • Command Post Operations

Format and Instructors

The curriculum uses a blended learning format of face to face classroom instruction, field exercises, case studies, subject matter expert speakers, and tactical scenarios. Your instructors will be industry professionals currently providing close protection services to high net worth individuals, public figures, and government officials. The program consists of two modules: a three-day Protective Driving Operations Course (PDOC), and a four-day Protection Agent Development (PAD) course. A discount is available when you enroll in both modules.

PSPC is both for professionals already working in the protective services profession and individuals interested in entering this growing career path.

Program Requirement

To earn the Protective Services Professional certificate you must successfully complete the following two required modules:

  • Protective Driving Operations (PDOC)

  • Protective Agent Development (PAD)


Learning Outcomes: