BLOG: Pick Up Your Guitar and Your Six String!

May 7, 2014 - 10:04
Author Name: 
Waylon Raether

When listening to them, it’s hard not to think that the greats in the guitar world weren’t born with one in their hands. You may notice it while listening to your favorites. Andres Segovia, Frank Zappa, Guthrie Govan, Paco de Lucia, and Jimmy Hendrix are some of the names that may elicit your envy. Regardless of how well someone plays currently, every single one of them had to start somewhere. Getting started can be difficult, but finding a good teacher will set you on the right path.

UNLV Continuing Education can provide you with the teacher and atmosphere you need. As a previous guitar student at UNLV, Marlow Valentin provides excellent instruction to beginning students. He will help you learn to read music, tune your instrument, and play basic patterns and chords. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you find yourself recognizing melodies on the radio and thinking, “Hey, I can play this!” It’s amazing how many songs you’ll learn to play just by knowing four simple chords.

Learning and studying takes place in a group setting where you can collaborate with fellow beginners to have fun and help each other out. You’ll also have a selection of duets to play from the required text, Beginning Guitar Superbook by Hal Leonard. I started with the same book as a beginner when I was 16. The next thing I knew, it had become a passion that I decided to study seriously in college. I started off learning jazz, but switched and ended up playing classical guitar for four years. 

While you may not master the craft in the six weeks, UNLV Continuing Education can help you take the first steps towards playing the guitar. Not only will you learn the basics of guitar, but you might just find a new passion. Whether you learn to play so you can entertain friends around a campfire, mess around with and learn new songs during your free time, or further educate yourself and possibly get a degree in music performance, this course is an ideal starting point for those interested in picking up the guitar.  

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