BLOG: Video Blogging Tips

April 2, 2014 - 14:39
Author Name: 
Jimmy Palmquist

I have a phone with a camera. That’s all I need to start a video blog, right? Technically, yes. But the answer goes deeper. Hopefully this simple overview can help you get started.

Before you star in your own online videos, first ask yourself, "Why am I blogging?" Is this a hobby or a job? What message do you hope to get across to an audience? Is it something that a large population would watch? Will it garner audience partnership and feedback?

You want to make sure you have a plan before simply hitting record on your phone. At the very least, you’ll want to find a topic about which you are passionate and one that will garner a large audience. It’s not easy to produce a regularly updated video blog ,if you are not passionate about the topic and/or you don’t receive validation from a growing audience.

A bit of forethought will ensure you record a crisp quality of video with really good audio. Professional equipment on a soundstage would be the best case scenario, but it is very true that most smartphones can record HD quality video that easily suits the needs of a video blog. Many video bloggers forget to account for audio though. Again, the camera phone is quite adept at recording clean audio, but you must take into account the environment and noise. If there is background noise where you are recording, it will be heard in the video. This can be extremely distracting and takes away from your message.

For editing, professional equipment like Apple’s Final Cut Studio or Adobe’s Creative Cloud are fantastic, but once again there are many options that can be much cheaper or even free. You can take a closer look at your smartphone; it can save the day as there are many app options for editing. If you have no other options, YouTube has updated its hosting services to offer simple trim tools for editing, slow motion effects, color correcting and even filters for image effects. They also offer a nice library of music to complement your video.

Now that you have your video uploaded and ready to go, you must market it to the max! Hosting on a website is always nice, but not necessary. Actively recruiting friends and family to promote your videos is key. Utilizing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is a must. And of course, remember to keep your topics and delivery entertaining. As you grow your audience, be sure to interact with your viewers. Ask questions to elicit answers. Remember to keep track of all comments posted to your video and make sure you answer as many as you can. Find networks with similarly-themed blogs and get involved by interacting with other videos as well as sharing your own.

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