February 19, 2014 - 11:44
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UNLV Ed Outreach
Many people see social media and feel intimidated by it or adopt the stance that it’s a childish medium that a 13-year-old can do. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn can build your brand awareness in ways that have never been possible. A company can focus on marketing, customer service, entertainment, and education all within one medium. This new form of online marketing certainly needs to be taken serious.

As you get ready remember the saying, “Keep it simple, stupid.” Break everything down to the basics and build from there. Select the social media platforms that suit your needs. Will you make videos? If not, there is no need to worry about YouTube. Are you looking for a lot of business-to-business integration? If not, you might want to hold off on focusing on LinkedIn. The largest population of users on social media can be found on Facebook and Twitter, so my suggestion is to start there. Once a week I hear, “but millions of people are leaving Facebook every day!” It’s a true statement, but is it wise to turn your back on the 1.23 billion monthly active users on the site or the 650 million users on Twitter? Of course not. Don’t jump to the newest outlet just because it’s fresh or cool. Focus on the largest amount of users that you can reach for your business.

The first steps in setting up a business page for both Facebook and Twitter are to fill out the company information clearly and fully. Ensure you have a graphic or logo that best represents your company and upload it for your avatar and page header. Enlist all your friends and employees to like the page for Facebook and follow you on Twitter. Depending on your business, post on your page multiple times a day or at the very least every other day with insightful, interesting, informational, and interactive articles. Ensure to mix up the post with links, pictures, videos, and questions to drive user reaction. Most importantly, check your page frequently to answer any questions or take care of any customer services issues that may arise.

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Post by James Palmquist