BLOG: Art classes with UNLV Continuing Education

September 3, 2014 - 16:40
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UNLV Ed Outreach


Now that the fall catalog for Continuing Education is out, you should take some time to explore the descriptions for Arts & Crafts courses. We have everything from drawing to stone carving and silk painting to woodworking.

Discover your artistic talents by taking Continuing Education’s Drawing: Beginners. The instructor will lead you through exercises that will train your eye, hand, and imagination to work together. Learn about shapes, shading, and negative space.

Watercolor or Acrylic Painting would be a great next step after drawing. The techniques are so different for each style; which one to take really depends on the medium you prefer. Of course, nothing is stopping you from taking both!

In Acrylic I the instructor will cover brush and non-brush work, color mixing, transparent and opaque application and much more. During Watercolor: Basics you will learn to accept the luminosity and versatility as an art medium that watercolor can be. In class, you will discuss materials, tools techniques, color, and composition. Instructional time will be followed by studio time, where you will translate your techniques onto paper.

I am looking forward to instructor Gabbie Hirsch’s Holiday Ornament Painting Workshop. Class participants will create heirloom ornaments and take home a new skill. The instructor will teach simple designs such as names and basic themes, or she will help you tackle a more complex image like a landscape. These would make great presents for the holidays.

To see a listing of all our arts and crafts classes, go to: