BLOG: Q&A with Chef Les Kincaid

February 17, 2015 - 12:20
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Chef Les Kincaid has been teaching for UNLV Continuing Education for about 25 years. His classes have been so popular that Chef Kincaid has built quite a dedicated following. We talked with chef to get his thoughts on how to entice and motivate students to take his food & beverage classes.

How do you select a class to teach?

By questions, suggestions, and input from the students and other food lovingacquaintances.

What do you want your students to learn when they leave your class…the one thing to walk away with?

That they take away new ideas, thoughts and techniques that I teach in class as well as the handouts I give them. Because having meatloaf every Thursday gets boring.

Why do you like to teach the classes that you teach?

The students. They bring the uniqueness and a je ne sais quoi to the class and have a sincere interest in upgrading their culinary prowess.

If you had one ingredient to choose from, what would be your favorite to cook with?

I can’t answer that question (laughing), because you can’t just cook with just one ingredient in a recipe.

Chef Kincaid’s cooking classes are held at Ferguson Enterprises. Other classes are offered at the UNLV Paradise Campus when appropriate.