Executive Certificate in Business Administration

UNLV Lee Business School is excited to continue its partnership with UNLV Continuing Education to launch the Executive Certificate in Business Administration in Spring 2019. 

Program Overview:

The Executive Certificate in Business Administration is designed to introduce practicing managers, business owners, and professionals to the most important concepts, tools, and techniques taught in today’s business schools. Boost your productivity, confidence, and effectiveness when managing yourself, others, and your business.

In today’s knowledge-based economy, your career trajectory and salary potential increasingly depend on how well you adapt to an ever-changing business environment. The four modules leading to the Executive Certificate in Business Administration prepare you to flex with evolutions in business by teaching you how to step back and assess staffing, business processes, economic trends, and financial opportunity.

Earning the Executive Certificate in Business Administration:

To earn the Executive Certificate in Business Administration, participants will be required to complete four business modules in people management, logistics, the economic environment, and financial and business performance. These modules provide a foundation of knowledge for the business professional to advance their career. Upon completion of each module participants will receive a certificate of completion for that particular module. Upon completion of all four modules, students will earn the Executive Certificate in Business Administration. Modules in this program are led by industry-leading faculty from the Lee Business School as well as respected Las Vegas businesspeople. 


The following modules may be taken independently and in any order. Complete all four to earn the comprehensive Executive Certificate in Business Administration.

Business & People Management Module: This module provides the most up-to-date approaches to managing and leading people. Participants will learn principles of effective people management and how to apply them to their business or work team. Specific topics include managing conflict, leading through change, and methods for conflict resolution. Completing this module will provide participants with tools and techniques they can immediately apply to their workplace.  

Business Logistics & Processes Module: This module covers key concepts in managing the core systems and processes in your business. Specific topics include handling budgeting and reporting; consumer behavior and marketing; the supply chain; and information systems. Strengthen your understanding of these key concepts through specific examples of how to apply them within your work environment.  

Business & the Economic Environment Module:  This module explores the challenges and opportunities in the current economic, legal, and international business environments. Specific topics will include understanding how economic conditions impact business operations in a global economy, identifying common legal pitfalls, the challenges and opportunities of global operations, and being a socially responsible company. Gain a better understanding of how your business fits into the larger economic picture. 

Financial & Business Performance Module:  This module will provide tools and techniques for measuring and improving the performance of your business. Specific topics will include developing an appreciation of the market process, crafting a focused business strategy, understanding how to evaluate your company's financial position, and using principles of accounting to quantify the performance of your business and drive decision making.

Who Should Attend:

The Executive Certificate in Business Administration is for experienced or high-potential managers and business professionals seeking a stronger foundation in current business theory and practice. Entrepreneurs or current business owners who want a baseline of business knowledge will also benefit from participating in this program. Professionals whose educational or occupational background is in an area other than business will gain essential knowledge of modern business practices. If you are eager to learn and apply core business concepts, this certificate program is for you.

Highly-Engaged Learning:

Courses will be highly interactive and include both in-person and online learning experiences. Each module will be organized into a highly participatory two-day seminar with plenty of application of cutting-edge business concepts. These seminars will be supplemented with interactive online course material to extend your learning into your workplace and life. This program combines the best of both online and in-person learning.  

Program Faculty:

The Executive Certificate in Business Administration program is staffed with leading professors from the UNLV Lee Business School as well as respected business professionals from the Las Vegas area. These instructors have significant experience in teaching business concepts and skills in a way that is readily understandable and immediately useful. Actively engaged in research and practice, they bring their cutting-edge discoveries and insights into their classrooms. 

About the UNLV Lee Business School:

With a faculty of almost 100 full-time professors, the Lee Business School is the only AACSB accredited business program within 150 miles of Las Vegas. Its mission is to cultivate leaders who transform business. Through our teaching, research, and service we transform the lives of our students and the communities we serve—Las Vegas, the state of Nevada, the United States, and the world.