RN Transition into Practice Program

RN Transition into Practice Program is a transition into acute care practice program for nurses who require experience to enter into the acute care setting. Participants in this program work one-on-one with experienced nurses to develop clinical reasoning, refine technical skills , and enhance patient care management, building professional confidence along the way.

RN Transition into Practice Program is appropriate for newly graduated nurses seeking their first RN position, RNs currently working in non-acute or community settings who wish to refresh their technical skills to qualify for a job in acute care, or a returning-to-practice RN who needs to complete clinical hours in order to be relicensed.

The RN Transition into Practice Program provide RNs with additional education, mentoring/coaching, and clinical experiences to improve competence, professional skills, and employability. The program incorporates:

  • Precepted clinical experiences
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership coaching
  • Online learning activities focusing on quality and safety in professional practice
  • Hands-on training using simulation
  • Technical skills practice
  • Interviewing techniques and resume development

Program Requirements:

This eight-week program offers real-life experience within a structured transitional training program to enhance acute care skills, competence, and confidence, and decrease job stress. Nurse participants are assigned to an acute care unit at a Las Vegas area acute care facility where they will work as an RN under supervision from an experienced preceptor two shifts per week for a total of 120 hours. Scheduling is flexible and offers both day and evening shifts. Participants will be able to select between working with adults or children and will identify their preferred unit or interest. Nurses will also practice skills in a high-tech medical simulation lab and participate in online learning opportunities focused on quality and safety in professional practice.

Participants will build their resume, make professional connections, and be guaranteed an interview with the hospital for a full time position upon successful completion of the program. The program also is approved for CEUs through the Nevada State Board of Nursing. Participants are not employees of the hospital and are therefore not compensated for their clinical hours.

This program is open to: 

  • Newly licensed RNs seeking experience as they prepare for their first nursing position
  • RNs who have been working in another setting and need acute care experience in order to transition into a hospital setting
  • Returning-to-practice RNs who need to complete clinical hours to be relicensed

To earn the RN Transition into Practice certificate, students must register for the certificate application course 173RN9999 and successfully complete the RN Transition into Practice course.

This program is supported by Workforce Connections, Nevada State Board of Nursing, Nevada Nurses Association, Nevada Alliance for Nursing Excellence, and Nevada Organization for Nurse Leaders.

For additional information on tuition grants or program details, contact Jodi Gilliland, Program Coordinator, via email at Jodi.Gilliland@unlv.edu or by phone at 702-895-5099. Hospitals wishing to participate by providing preceptorships should contact Jodi Gilliland. 


Learning Outcomes: