Organizational Leadership

Enrich yourself and broaden your knowledge with new leadership skills. Leaders must be able to manage individual employees as well as strategically move the overall organization forward. The UNLV Organizational Leadership Certificate Program is a comprehensive professional development opportunity covering a wide range of best practices in leadership to help you approach the complex challenges inherent in organizational growth and change. You will enhance your skills to build stronger teams and successfully lead initiatives within organizations.

Earn your UNLV Organizational Leadership Certificate

This certificate program is geared toward new managers or managers looking to enhance their leadership skills to advance their careers or further develop their organization. Through this curriculum, you will:  

  • Develop knowledge of a variety of leadership theories and models.
  • Gain a greater understanding of personal identities, both self and others, and how those identities shape roles within an organization.
  • Examine intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of individuals and the impacts of those motivations on an organization.

Program Requirements:

To earn the Organizational Leadership Certificate, you must register for the certificate application course CP9999D and successfully complete the following required core course plus an additional 2.4 CEUs of elective courses.

Core Course:

  • Fundamentals of Leadership

Elective Options:

  • Strategic Planning I and II- .6 CEUs (CP6100 and 6102)
  • Making the Transition from Manager to Leader- .6 CEUs (CP6119)
  • Coaching and Counseling for Success- .6 CEUs (CP6165)
  • Creating a Strategic Thinking Paradigm- .6 CEUs (CP6166)
  • Change Management- .6 CEUs (CP6172)
  • Project Management Skills Everyone Needs- .6 CEUs (CP6174)
  • Succession Planning- .6 CEUs (CP6175)
  • Communication Strategies: First-time Managers or Supervisors- .6 CEUs (CP6177)
  • Conflict Management: What is Conflict & How Do I Resolve It? (CP6181)
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making- .6 CEUs (CP6182)
  • Effective Facilitation of Meetings and Discussions- .6 CEUs (CP6302)
  • Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace - .6 CEUs (CP6301)
  • Developing Mentorship Programs- .6 CEUs (CP6303)
  • Organizational Change Management- .6 CEUs (CP6304)
  • Becoming a Strategic Leader- .6 CEUs (CP6305)
  • Organizational Design: Aligning Structure, Jobs, and Skills- .6 CEUs (CP6306)
  • The Language of Leadership (CP6307)
  • Personal Leadership Development (CP6308)
Learning Outcomes: 
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