Grand Canyon Raft Trip

Tentative Itinerary

Tentative itinerary from our outfitter: Actual itinerary may vary based on weather, water conditions, and other factors.

Day 0-1

Travel by motor coach from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon, Ariz., where you will settle in overnight at a hotel. Wake up and enjoy breakfast before meeting a rafting company employee who will give you instructions on how to pack items into your dry bags as well as give you a pre-orientation. Hop into vans for a quick ride down to the Lee’s Ferry launch site where the safety orientation and introduction to the rafts will take place. Once on board get ready for the first sights the Canyon has to offer.

Day 2-3

Travel through Marble Canyon and the Roaring Twenties rapids. Find yourself playing in the sand at Redwall Cavern and traveling below Vasey’s Paradise. Trek up to the Nankoweap Granaries and see the magnificent view. Make a stop at the famed Little Colorado River and learn some history before splashing around in the turquoise waters.

Day 4-5

Continue traveling into the Inner Gorge of the Canyon. Notice the scenery changes occurring around Hance Rapid as these ancient rock formations surround you. Perhaps enjoy a stop at Phantom Ranch for a touch of civilization before some epic whitewater ahead. Granite, Hermit, and Crystal approach so get ready for some serious rapids. See the gorgeous waterfalls at Elves Chasm or Deer Creek and experience the lush vegetation in these areas.

Day 6-7

Swim in the beautiful waters of Havasu Creek or build a “butt dam” at Matkatamiba Canyon. Look for Vulcans Anvil which signals the approach of Lava Falls. Hear the roar before you even approach the rapids. Sit back, relax, and hang on!

Day 8

Rise and shine because the helicopter rides to Bar 10 Ranch begin at 7 a.m. See the beautiful rocks of Grand Canyon from above. Upon arriving at the ranch, prepare to board a fixed wing aircraft to take you back to Las Vegas.


A Confluence of Art and Science

July 19-27, 2015

Vermillion cliffs, white water, turquoise pools, and emerald springs await. Witness the Grand Canyon’s majesty from a perspective few experience-looking up at the canyon’s cliffs from a raft on the Colorado River. An unforgettable blend of serene landscapes and thrilling whitewater creates a world-class experience. Join UNLV geologist Peg Rees and artist/naturalist Sharon Schafer in a week-long exploration of the Grand Canyon by motorized raft. Taking eight days to cover nearly 200 miles of the river through nearly 2 billion years of the earth’s history allows plenty of time for photographing and learning about the natural and cultural history and geologic evolution of the region.

Each day you will have the opportunity to take short hikes to explore amazing places such as the Little Colorado River, Deer Creek Falls, Elves Chasm, and Red Wall Cavern. Nights are spent camping along the river, enjoying delicious meals, watching the stars, and falling asleep to sounds of rushing water.

A bus will carry the group from Las Vegas to a hotel near Marble Canyon where we spend the night before transferring to Lee’s Ferry to launch the rafts. At the end of the rafting journey, travel by helicopter from Whitmore Wash to the canyon’s rim where we meet our plane for the short flight back to Las Vegas.

The Grand Canyon Raft Trip is facilitated through a National Park Service authorized concessioner.

Sun-Mon | July 19-27, 2015 | $3,295 (double occupancy tent)

Course code | 152EX1248

To receive details, call 702-895-5224 or email

Trip Leaders:

Margaret N. (Peg) Rees, Ph.D.
Geoscience Professor
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Sharon K. Schafer
Skydance Studio, Boulder City, NV

Prices & Policies:

Total Fee: $3,295

Fee includes: roundtrip transportation, one-night hotel lodging, all meals and beverages while on the river (except for sodas and alcohol), two-person tents, all camping gear, and dry bags.

Camping gear includes: three person tent for two people, camp chair, sleeping cot (rated for 250lbs), sleeping bag, sheet, standard size pillow, and ground cloth.

Not included: meals on the bus and at the Marble Canyon hotel, preferred beverages on the river trip, gratuities to the river company’s guides, and trip cancellation insurance.

Trip cancellation insurance is recommended.