Stage Technician Education & Development Intensive (STEADI)

The Stage Technician Education and Development Intensive (STEADI) provides the first step for a career in live event production by engaging participants in a dynamic, intensive educational program grounded in safety and practical skills. 

The STEADI course provides a broad basic knowledge of real life, common skills used every day in the entertainment business and the emphasis is on safety. The standards and best practices of being safe in the workplace are critically important. Those who are entering the business need to get started down the right path with awareness and implementation. The STEADI training will help participants in the field overcome some of the biggest hurdles, some of which are simply understanding the language, being immersed in the culture and the business, practical knowledge of the activities in the work environment, and the basic hands-on skills to function effectively and safely in that environment.

The STEADI program fills the gap offering the skills that are not always taught in other programs.  The program teaches basic electrics, situational awareness in the rigging environment, hands-on skills and most importantly, safety training—such as why and when you need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

This course will be of great benefit to not only those seeking work but also the employers who need well-trained individuals.  Those individuals choosing this career path will go in better prepared, and move up faster in the discipline they choose within the industry.

Course Description

The Stage Technician Education and Development Intensive (STEADI) engages participants in a dynamic, intensive, entry-level educational program as a foundation for a career in live event production. The program delivers a curriculum in which participants learn and practice requisite terminology, basic knowledge, and skills related to entertainment electricity, knowledge and skills to work with a head rigger in the rigging environment (climbing skills, knots, ropes, chains, motors, etc.), stage etiquette, language and communication, and how to work in the environment safely (trucks, loading docks, ramps, etc.). The program also offers Introduction to Entertainment Electrics which teaches basic skills required of stagehands and production electricians working in live event production. The course covers basic electrical theory and applications including how to safely set up power distribution systems for audio, video, and lighting, how to test and monitor the electrical system, and how to identify electrical hazards and safeguard against electrical accidents and injury.

Program Requirements:
Students must complete 90 hours (9.0 CEUs) over 10 days of training. The following are required courses:
  • Stage Technician Education and Development Intensive Certificate Application (SE9999)
  • Stage Technician Education and Development Intensive (SE1100)

Why Choose UNLV for your STEADI Training?

STEADI promotes industry safety through guided hands-on instruction taught by industry experts currently working in live event production.  The program utilizes cutting-edge equipment as well as industry-related facilities giving participants direct on-the-job training and knowledge. 

Who Should Participate in the STEADI Program?

Anyone interested in a career in live event production, including veterans, recent graduates of trade schools, colleges, and universities, is encouraged to register.

Learning Outcomes: 
PDF icon STEADI Certificate Academic Plan63.6 KB