UNLV Offers New Certificates in Spanish Legal Interpretation and Fitness Business Management

June 9, 2016 - 13:40

Keeping with the long-standing tradition of providing training for Southern Nevada’s workforce, UNLV Continuing Education constantly looks for opportunities to develop programs to support key and growing industries. Two new certificate programs will be added for fall 2016 -- the Legal Interpretation Certificate: Spanish and the Fitness Business Management Certificate.

According to the Nevada State Court Language Access Plan, roughly one in three Hispanic households is linguistically isolated, with 33.7 percent of Hispanic households not having anyone over 14 years of age fluent in English. Court interpreters ensure language barriers do not become legal barriers for people whose primary language is not English. The role of the court interpreter is to provide written translation of documents or oral interpretation related to a case. Job openings for interpreters in Nevada are expected to increase 44 percent in the next ten years.

The program curriculum for the UNLV Legal Interpretation Certificate: Spanish covers legal processes and terminology, as well as laws and ethical considerations governing legal interpretation in Nevada. Certificate candidates will practice techniques for sight translation (written translation), simultaneous interpretation (speaking at the same time as the client), and consecutive interpretation (speaking after the client). The six course series prepares students to take Nevada’s state certification exams. Certificate candidates must be bilingual in English and Spanish; the instructor will conduct a language assessment prior to admission into the program. For more information about the Legal Interpretation Certificate: Spanish, visit the program information page at continuingeducation.unlv.edu/catalog/legal-interpretation-certificate-spanish. You may sign up to receive additional information as it is available.

The second certificate program added for fall 2016 is Fitness Business Management. Owners and managers of fitness businesses—yoga, Pilates, or dance studios, personal trainers, health clubs, therapy sites—are often drawn to the industry by the positive impact they can have on clients’ health and quality of life. Most soon realize they also have to be a wise businessperson if their company is going to thrive. Whether you are thinking of starting a new fitness business venture or looking to improve profitability at an existing business, it is critical to understand your brand, products and services, and target market.

To earn the Fitness Business Management Certificate, students take three courses. Business Development and Financial Management in Fitness teaches strategic business planning including market analysis, product/service offerings, marketing plans, operation plans, and financial analysis. Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales Management for the Fitness Enterprise digs more in depth into industry trends, marketing strategy, and sales techniques. Fitness Management and Business Administration is the implementation phase where students begin to roll out their business plans and refine leadership, management, administrative, and customer service skills. For more information about the Fitness Business Management Certificate, visit the program information page at continuingeducation.unlv.edu/catalog/fitness-business-management-certificate. You may sign up to receive additional information.

For a full listing of professional certificates offered by Continuing Education, visit continuingeducation.unlv.edu/certificate-programs