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UNLV Continuing Education and the UNLV Department of Dance have partnered to offer a Mat Pilates and Injury Prevention Certificate. The certificate provides Pilates and dance instructors and practitioners with a practical understanding of human anatomy and dance kinesiology useful in preventing injuries.

The certificate consists of both technique and theory classes, with an anatomical approach to movement. The technique courses include exercises in flexibility and tone, using a variety of tools, including TheraBands, small balls, small weights, and large balls. Theory courses include the foundations of dance kinesiology and human anatomy to provide key information for the prevention and care of injuries.

This Program is Perfect For

Pilates and dance instructors and practitioners who want to advance their knowledge of injury prevention, anatomy, and movement.

What You Will Learn

By the end of the program students will be able to:

  • Use the correct terminology in discussing flexibility and tone.
  • Demonstrate and analyze the physical stretches taught in the class.
  • Demonstrate and identify an eccentric and a concentric contraction.
  • Analyze the difference in the Pilates articulate stretching and traditional stretching techniques.
  • Manually stretch another person.
  • Develop factual and conceptual knowledge of the four basic tissue groups of the body: soft tissue, connective tissue, bone, and muscle.
  • Identify the bones of the human body.
  • Identify specific connective tissue of the upper body, torso, and lower body used in dance.
  • Identify specific muscles of the upper body, torso, and lower body used in dance.
  • Identify the muscles and which bones they act upon and differentiate the body planes that the bones move through.
  • Build the general muscles of the shoulder, spine, hip, knee, and ankle.
  • Demonstrate through building with clay on a skeletal model the correct origin and insertion of each muscle built.
  • Demonstrate through testing assessment the correlating injury to each area of study.

Program Details

To earn the Mat Pilates & Injury Prevention Certificate you must successfully complete six required courses.

Once you fulfill all certificate program requirements as outlined in the Academic Plan, you may request your certificate.

You may enroll in Mat Pilates & Injury Prevention Certificate courses either through UNLV Continuing Education to earn CEUs, or through the UNLV Department of Dance for university academic credit.