Accent Reduction

Learn how to develop a stronger speaking voice, no matter your background!

Clear speech is an essential key for success in today’s workforce. Noticeable accent and communication barriers can lead to miscommunication in social, educational and professional settings reducing productivity, efficiency and leadership.

About the Program

Our accent reduction and speaking program helps you speak English with clarity and precision. Each course is tailored to a specific aspect of Accent Reduction (vowel sounds, consonant sounds, intonation and speaking skills) to minimize your communication barriers while maintaining your unique cultural identity. We provide you with direct strategies, practical tips and oral training to become an effective and confident speaker. Our primary goal is to modify your current speech habits with new standard American patterns that will become habitual in your everyday speech.


  • Accent Reduction for International Professionals I - Vowel System of American English
    Start by developing the correct vowel sounds of American English. Vowel sounds give the word its shape and meaning. Therefore, vowel mispronunciation can lead to an unintended meaning. Fixing your American vowel sounds will help you modify your accent and convey clearer messages.
  • Accent Reduction for International Professionals II - Consonant Variations of American English
    Producing the correct consonant sounds is as important as producing the correct vowel sounds. Learning the different variations and production strategies of the challenging American consonant sounds can help you produce a clear, crisp and understandable speech. Learning the pronunciation of standard American consonant sounds can greatly modify your accent.
  • Accent Reduction for International Professionals III – Intonation Patterns of American English
    No matter how great your English is, and after mastering the standard American vowel and consonant sounds, people might still be confused whether you are telling something or asking a question. Learning American Intonation patterns of stress, pitch, and rhythm can help you sound more American. Improve the musicality of the American Language, its rising and falling tones, in order to communicate with maximum clarity and ease.
  • Effective Speaking for International Professionals
    Overcome your fear of speaking, learn the techniques of effective communication and practice your Accent Reduction skills in this class. You will master essential communication strategies that will bring you success in the workplace and society. You will become a confident, organized and powerful speaker.