• UNLV Continuing Education is always looking for new programs to address our community's need for an educated, prepared workforce. With the pandemic taking a toll on Las Vegas' world-renowned tourism and hospitality industries, we are fielding inquiries from many of you who are curious about career change opportunities.

  • Vice Provost Joe Miera and Director of Program Development Heidi Erpelding-Welch are joined by Nicholle Pendergraft to discuss Continuing Education on the "Let's Talk UNLV" podcast .

  • You will meet great people from all walks of life looking for a new career.-Carola Anderson, Certified Legal Interpreter 

    Carola Anderson brought her human resources degree to Las Vegas about ten years ago so she could work with her husband in the family business. As the years passed, she pondered a career change. 

  • UNLV Continuing Education is kicking off 2020 with a revised (and vastly improved!) policy on staff and alumni discounts.

    Beginning with spring 2020 classes UNLV staff will receive a standard 15 percent discount on professional development classes and 5 percent off personal enrichment classes. Alumni will receive 5 percent off both professional development and personal enrichment classes. In the past, discounts for staff and alumni were determined on an individual class basis; the new policy standardizes the discounts with very few exceptions.

  • The Spring 2020 course catalog was released online and sent in the mail this week, so now is a great time to take a peek at new offerings. UNLV’s Continuing Education staff has been working hard to develop new classes and certificates to help you get ahead at work or even launch a new career.

  • "The Lean Six Sigma program provided me just what I needed to get where I wanted to go professionally." -Natalie Knuth, General Manager

    Natalie Knuth recently completed both UNLV’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt programs. Did she enroll in the courses in hopes of bettering her future at a Fortune 500 company? Was she striving to become a successful CEO or vice president? Did her past showcase a traditional business management career path? Not exactly. Natalie came to the Lean Six Sigma program at UNLV by way of her theater background. 

  • My favorite part is taking what I learned and applying it to my job and becoming a better officer of the company. -Todd Transue, CFO for College Loan Corporation”

  • There is a point in everyone’s life where they reconsider their career path. Dan Beatty’s story shows that, with hard work and vision, it’s possible to re-chart your life’s course.

  • From a family of educators, Shelly Wang was always drawn toward expanding educational opportunities for all. Learn more about Shelly in this UNLV Today interview.

  • “This program has just been such a great opportunity for me and I recommend it and suggest it for anyone in the nonprofit sector.” -Aries Cyrus-Sims, UNLV Nonprofit Certificate

    Aries Cyrus-Sims has a passion for helping people. Growing up in Lansing, Michigan she was always seeking out volunteer opportunities and found great support from her philanthropic-focused family. She strove to make an impact on the lives of individuals. But how could she turn that passion into a career?