Nonprofit Management Certificate Program

UNLV Continuing Education offers a Nonprofit Management Certificate.

The program focuses on

  • developing an understanding of ethics and values
  • nonprofit governance and leadership
  • organization and management
  • nonprofit law
  • financial management and accountability
  • fundraising and development
  • information technology
  • nonprofit marketing.

To earn the certificate in nonprofit management *

  • complete 6.4 CEUs of core courses (all four of the four-week courses)
  • plus 3.2 CEUs of elective courses
  • for a total of 9.6 CEUs

Core Courses

  1. Ethics in Nonprofit Governance
  2. Responsible Fundraising
  3. Strong Financial Oversight
  4. Legal Compliance & Public Disclosure


*PLEASE NOTE: Completed courses for students in the previous program will be applied toward the new certificate requirements.