Paralegal Certificate Program

Paralegals are the life blood of a law firm. Without them, attorneys would not be able to properly function. They support attorneys by keeping a case’s file and deadlines organized. They also research various case issues and draft communications and case specific documents.

UNLV Continuing Education: Preparing Paralegals for 25 Years

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas has offered the UNLV Paralegal Certificate program to the Las Vegas community since 1993. Through this program, UNLV has assisted thousands of paralegals to enter the legal field. UNLV’s paralegal graduates have been able to quickly enter the legal field by receiving a well-rounded legal education at an affordable cost.

Cutting Edge Legal Education

As UNLV has worked to keep up with the requirements of legal employers, the program has made various improvements over the years. Currently, UNLV has the most cutting-edge paralegal education available. Thanks to UNLV’s efforts to refine the Paralegal education program, UNLV Paralegal Certificate graduates receive the education and training needed to enter the legal field.

Focused and Fast-Paced Program

In the Paralegal Certificate program, you will learn to appreciate the law even more than you do now. Our presentations and instructors will keep you interested and engaged in the subjects presented. This program is anything but boring. You will be continually challenged and be learning something new every day. At the end of the Paralegal Certificate program, you will truly feel like you’ve accomplished something fantastic.

Why the UNLV Program?

The UNLV paralegal program was not written by full-time course developers. The course curriculum was developed by two attorneys who run a successful litigation practice and who have not only been teaching paralegals for years, but have experience hiring and training paralegals. Besides their own personal experience, they have drawn on feedback from years’ worth of paralegal students, real-life paralegals, attorneys, and others in the legal field to formulate a curriculum that combines the most relevant legal topics with the practical skills actually used in real law firms. And the curriculum was developed specifically for those who will be working in Nevada.

What You Will Learn

The paralegal training consists of two courses: Practicum and the Law. In the Practicum course, you will be learning the skills paralegals need to fulfill their daily duties. The Practicum course will teach you three broad categories of skills: writing skills, legal skills, and law practice skills. The Law course you will be learning the actual law, including statutory, administrative, and common law. You will also be learning the rules that apply to litigation. The course will include the law of torts, contracts, criminal law and procedure, civil procedure, estate planning and family law.


The Paralegal Studies Certificate Program is intended for students who are already prepared with the following prerequisite skills:
• Strong communication skills including the ability to communicate verbally and in writing
• High attention to detail and accuracy
• Analytical and critical thinking skills required to create and draft persuasive arguments
• A high school diploma or equivalent
• Access to a computer that can connect to the Internet and basic word-processing
• Basic word-processing and template manipulation skills
• Web search skills
• Web browser access for online legal research using specialized research tools
• Ability to dedicate large amounts of time to reading and studying course material

Getting a job

Paralegals have the opportunity to work either full time or part time. Paralegals can work for private law firms, government organizations, or corporations. Paralegals can even work freelance, though they should not offer their services directly to the public.

Information Sessions

To better understand the format of the program and learn about the career in general, plan to attend an information session. You will see the materials and discuss the supporting information, including job potential, financial assistance and the content of the unique UNLV Paralegal website.  Register for an information session.  Information sessions are free and open to the public.

Learning Outcomes: 
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