Photography & Videography

Create photographic images that tell a story, capture a moment, or promote a product. Las Vegas and the surrounding Mojave offer endless opportunities to experiment with light, composition, movement, and storytelling in your work. Having a knowledgeable teacher to show you the way can be invaluable as you develop both technical skills and creative vision. 

The basic digital photography series focuses on building a solid technical understanding of camera settings, modes, lighting, and accessories. Discounts are available when you register for more than one course in the series.

Special topics in photography allow students to focus their development more narrowly and explore photography as a business. Specialty classes vary semester to semester, but may include neon night photography, wedding photography, street photography, or building a photography business.

Computer-based graphics courses including Adobe Photoshop can also support your photography goals. These course listings can be found online under Graphic Design.