Print and Graphic Design Certificates

Print Design and Graphic Design students build proficiency in the core design software tools used in the commercial printing and graphic design industry. New skills are practiced and perfected in a project-based learning environment where you build a portfolio of work as you're learning. Instructors bring years of professional experience to the classroom. Not only are they experts on the technical side, they can also give you valuable insight into project management, client relations, and the graphic design industry.

Courses may be taken individually to expand your skill set. Courses completed in the Print Design Certificate are transferable into the Graphic Design Certificate.

Our labs are equipped with Windows PC and Mac computers (Adobe courses). Although we provide the required software programs in our computer labs during instructional times, you also need access to the software, if applicable, at home or at work to complete exercises, assignments, and projects.

Prerequisites: You must have a working knowledge of computer basics including navigating, creating, editing, and saving files and folders.

Print Design Certificate 

Print Design Certificate students study the essential concepts of print design and the Adobe applications designers use to complete their projects.

Program Requirements:

To earn the Print Design Certificate, you must successfully complete four core courses.
  1. Adobe Illustrator Level I
  2. Adobe InDesign Level I
  3. Adobe Photoshop Level I
  4. Print Design Capstone: From Pre-Press to Production (This must be the final class you take)

Graphic Design Certificate

Graphic Design Certificate candidates expand their Adobe design skills and learn additional design theory and print communication concepts and techniques. The Graphic Design Certificate is suitable if you are crossing disciplines, such as web design to print and graphic design, or if you are responsible for marketing and designing materials in your current employment but have no formal training and experience in graphic design.

Program Requirements:

To earn the Graphic Design Certificate, you must successfully complete six core courses plus an additional .6 CEUs of elective courses.
  1. Adobe Illustrator Level I
  2. Adobe Illustrator Level II
  3. Adobe InDesign Level I
  4. Adobe Photoshop Level I
  5. Adobe Photoshop Level II
  6. Graphic Design Capstone: Designing Your Brand Using Adobe Software (This must be the final class you take)
  7. An additional .6 CEUs of elective courses (offerings vary by semester)

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