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Art, science, and history converge as a wine makes its journey from vine to table. Comprehend the complexities and nuances of wine when you study under highly-qualified professionals at UNLV’s Sommelier Academy in a hands-on, interactive learning environment.

The introductory program, Vine to Wine: The Fundamentals, meets the needs of wine enthusiasts or wine collectors as well as early-career beverage professionals. Upon completion, you will be able to make informed purchase decisions and recommend wines with confidence. The Advanced Sommelier Program targets wine professionals seeking career advancement, detailed knowledge, and a broad exposure to the world of wine.

Our Classroom

Home base for your sommelier education is Total Wine and More. There is no better place to study the intricacies of wine than among well-stocked racks of vintages from around the globe. We will use the store as a tool to learn about labeling, regions, pricing, and retailing. Guest speakers and outings will further broaden your understanding of the industry.



Vine to Wine: The Fundamentals

More fine wines are sold in Las Vegas than any other destination in the United States. Vine to Wine: The Fundamentals builds a strong foundation of wine knowledge for beverage professionals as well as wine aficionados. All experience levels are welcome. Course will meet seven hours, once per week, for 13 weeks.

Whether you work in the food and beverage industry and want to improve yourself for professional advancement, or you want to impress your friends at the dinner table, Vine to Wine is the perfect place to start. Course content begins with an overview of the wine making process. We will cover the major types of grapes and discuss the different conditions affecting the world’s primary wine regions. Enjoyment of a wine is enhanced by exceptional presentation, so we will cover essential service skills employed by the pros. Guest speakers will infuse fresh perspectives on all aspects of the wine industry.

Students will typically taste about twelve different wines each class day. By the end of the course, students will be able to identify key wine characteristics in a blind tasting.

If you previously took sommelier courses through UNLV and would like to refresh your skills, you may register to re-sit the introductory class at a significant discount. Successful completion of Vine to Wine will prepare you for the advanced course of study. Please plan to register early as enrollment is limited to 30 students.

To earn the Vine to Wine: The Fundamentals Certificate you must be enrolled in the certificate application course 173WS9999A and must successfully complete the Vine to Wine: The Fundamentals course and receive a passing final exam score.

Advanced Sommelier Program

There is a high demand for qualified sommeliers in Las Vegas thanks to the numerous fine wine cellars at resorts and restaurants throughout the valley. Professional wine service staff and skilled beverage management are central to a well-run food and beverage operation. Designed by industry experts, this is an extensive, in-depth study of all the wine regions of the world. Students will taste 12 or more wines per session, with blind tasting and evaluation a critical part of the class. Administrative and managerial skills are also crucial; wine/beverage service, food and wine pairing, creating and operating a wine program on multiple levels, inventory, and staff training will all be covered. 

Speakers from the industry will share their perspectives with participants. Three field trips during the class offer students real life experience in the industry. There will be an optional wine country trip where the class will work at a winery doing different tasks. Assessments will include curriculum-based testing, service exams, blind tasting, restaurant-based food/wine pairing, and restaurant operations.

To earn the UNLV Advanced Sommelier Certificate you must successfully complete the Advanced Sommelier course and receive a passing final exam score.


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For additional information about the UNLV Sommelier Academy please contact Continuing Education at 702-895-3394 or continuing.education@unlv.edu

Learning Outcomes: 
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