Web Development Coding Bootcamp

In today’s digital economy, coding skills are in high demand across all types of careers and professions. Forbes and LinkedIn noted that those with full-stack web development skills dominate the pay scale and employer desirability. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Continuing Education has partnered with DevPoint Labs to bring a full-stack immersive part-time web development program.

This non-credit program is offered in partnership with DevPoint Labs. The online application process is handled by DPL - applicants should expect a call or other communication from one of their admissions team, upon completion of the online application.

What You Will Learn:

  • HTTP
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • React.JS
  • APIs
  • Testing/TDD
  • MongoDB/Postgres
  • Scrum/Agile

Class Details:

Upcoming Course Dates:

May 18th, - Oct. 30th, 2020

Part-time Web Development / Bootcamp Schedule:

Monday & Wednesday evening from 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Saturday Lab 10 AM - 2 PM.



24 Weeks, 10 hours per week, 240 in-class hours

Students should expect to spend another 20 hours outside of class doing project work. Students must provide own MacBook, running latest macOS system software.

Curated curriculum covers basics of coding and web development. Students will benefit from an immersive classroom experience with lecture instructions, projects, pair programming, and hackathons. “These collaborative coding projects help students build a professional portfolio to showcase their abilities and hone their competitive edge in the employment market.

Who Should Attend:

This part-time, evening program was designed for working professionals who are actively seeking to further their skillsets in web development and coding.


There is an application process, but no specific prerequisites.


Student admissions, program content questions, career support questions, and financial plan information are supported by DevPoint Labs. For questions about the program or to apply for admission, please contact: codingbootcamp@unlv.edu

If you have questions about UNLV’s partnership with DevPoint Labs, please contact: UNLV Continuing Education at 702-895-5099.


Program Benefits:

Part-time program allows you to work and learn full-stack web development.
Learn multiple programming languages and technologies centered around web development.
Offers preparation and advice for career in full-stack development.

Student Testimonials:

"I have found a community of individuals who I feel comfortable working and learning alongside of. Previously, I always felt that I would never know enough, never be competent enough, and never qualified enough to do anything in the field. Attending a coding boot camp has helped me recognize that we are all learning, and even those who I would consider masters in their field are constantly evolving and learning new skills. My experience at DevPoint Labs has helped me find a place where I can fit into a community that previously seemed out of reach to me." Michael B., DPL Graduate

"My life has definitely changed for the better because I now know that my opportunities are endless! I am happier after the boot camp because I know that I’ll be working in a creative space and that my family’s future will be bright." Bianca H., DPL Graduate

"It was a really important step for my career. The exposure to the concepts was structured and clear. Also, working on a team of people who I had almost nothing in common with was extremely valuable. I was frustrated for most of it, but launch day was really profound. I felt like I didn’t know anything, but I am so much more confident learning new concepts and discussing them with a team." Sam T., DPL Graduate

"To sum it up in one word, intense. Which was the perfect fit for me. I dive head first into everything, and DPL’s full time course let me do just that. Diving into something with so many passionate people helped me feel welcome in a world that I didn’t feel smart enough for growing up. The community around the school is astounding, I’ve met so many great people because of the community. I even landed my first job from the DPL slack channel." Reece B., DPL Graduate

"Well, it’s dramatically impacted it for the better. I am now currently working remote and traveling the country. My wife and I are working on building a web design business on the side and already have a few clients. It’s allowed me to live the lifestyle that i’ve wanted. We move to Miami in the next couple weeks and we’ll be living on the beach for at least a month. I am able to work flexible hours, travel, and exercise my creative muscles. That’s what I wanted from my career and now that’s what I have. Which I never expected to have in a million years. I’ve really lucked out." Dean B., DPL Graduate