Meet Your Business Goals With Custom Training

Of all the investments you make in your business, an investment in your staff can make the most transformational impact. One of the best mechanisms to do that is to make a commitment to employee training and development. Companies who invest in high quality, targeted training are rewarded with less staff turnover, more productivity, happier, more engaged staff, dynamic leadership, and across-the-board excellence.

When UNLV creates a custom training solution for your business, we work alongside your team to assess your needs, design curriculum, and deliver the content that matters most to your business.

UNLV custom training solutions are:


Your employees will benefit from the knowledge and experience of university and industry experts. University accreditation gives credibility to CEUs.


Train on-site, on-campus or online. Sessions are scheduled to meet your needs and can be tailored to any group size. Curriculum is customized for your business.


Custom curriculum ensures employees will gain the workplace tools that matter most to you as an employer. They can put their training to work right away!

What our business clients are saying:

“[Our training through UNLV] is awesome and the techniques and concepts are very useful in multiple situations. Our group in management has time to work on issues and experience them together in one room, whereas otherwise that wouldn’t be possible.”
-J. Carter, Sunshine Minting, Inc.

What can companies do to keep employees engaged and on the job? Give them a chance to grow professionally!

We look forward to showing you why an investment in employee training is a great business move.

Get Started!

UNLV Continuing Education’s custom training team works with client companies to tailor training solutions to meet their unique business situation. Custom training clients can anticipate a five-step process:

  • Consultation & Needs Analysis
  • Proposal & Curriculum Outline
  • Program Development
  • Delivery
  • Evaluation & Follow Up

Contact UNLV Continuing Education’s custom training team at 702-895-5224 or fill out the custom program request form to schedule a free, no-obligation custom training consultation for your business or organization.