Man at microphone

Acting & Comedy

Whether you are acting in front of a microphone, a camera, or a live audience, specialized training can help your inner star shine.
Cannabis retailer

Cannabis Classes

There is an increasingly competitive job market for potential cannabis industry employees. Certified training can help distinguish you as a candidate.
Dancers jumping


UNLV's Department of Dance offers a broad spectrum of its non-major classes to community members through Continuing Education.
paints and paint brushes on a color pallete

Drawing & Painting

There is great satisfaction in seeing an internal creative vision become a reality. In our wide variety of two-dimensional art classes, you can explore techniques for watercolor, drawing, acrylics, oils, mixed media, and more.
hand drawing a fashion sketch

Fashion Design Certificate Program

Explore the creative, technical, and business elements of the fashion industry through hands-on activities, demonstrations, special events, classes, and field trips.

  • Fall, Spring, Summer
  • In Person
young couple meeting a financial planner

Financial Planning

A stronger understanding of financial markets and investment strategies can help you evaluate your current financial situation and plan for your financial future.
close up of slaw

Food & Beverage

Get inspired by seasonal ingredients, take a tour of world cuisines, or tackle an elusive cooking skill. Our chef-led courses will have you thinking of food and drinks in fresh and stirring ways.

country flags

Foreign Languages

Learn how to communicate cross-continentally and cross-culturally in our language classes for beginners and more advanced speakers.
various musical instruments


It's never too late to learn an instrument, follow your passion for singing, or re-engage in music!
2 students taking pictures of food


Photography offerings range from an introductory digital photography series to classes focused on a specific genre of photography.
Man with hand planer and other wood working tools

Sculpting & Woodworking

Woodworking classes are a hands-on way to gain experience with common and specialty tools. Learn how to work with wood safely and successfully as you complete practical projects you will be proud to use and show off.
close up of wine being poured into a glass

Sommelier Academy Certificate Program

Immerse yourself in the complexities and nuances of wine production, service, and taste. Learn to manage wine inventory, advise on food and wine pairings, assist patrons in wine selection, and educate service staff.

  • Fall, Spring, Summer
  • In Person
4 seniors playing pickleball


Physical activity can reduce your stress, increase your strength and energy, and improve your mental focus. Our sports offerings focus on lifelong activities you can do at any age. 
woman practicing yoga outdoors


In today's harried world, it's essential to find ways to de-stress, set boundaries, and take care of your emotional health. Become more mindful, conscious, and emotionally centered through our wide range of wellness classes. Recent offerings have included meditation, self care, and stress reduction.