Courses will be overseen by noted futurist instructor Mike Johns; goal to become first Future Literacy US Provider recognized by UNESCO.

The World Economic Forum reports 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 have not been invented yet. How do you prepare young adults for jobs that have not yet been created? 

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Continuing Education aims to be the first US provider to offer United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) inspired Future Literacy. 

“Future literacy is a mandatory survival skill that we all should acquire to face the present and future technological, economic, and social challenges”, notes futurist instructor Mike Johns. Johns, an expert in emerging technologies, will oversee the courses as he builds the certificate program in Future Literacy. The program will expand to include entrepreneurship, emerging technologies, human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence, and future-proofing strategies. The complete program will be available in 2024.

“Future literacy is the capacity to understand, interpret, and influence the role of the future in one's decisions, actions, and mindset, fostering adaptability and strategic foresight,” said James Fowlkes, director of program development for Continuing Education.

Future Literacy is designed for those who want to gain the knowledge and skill sets to visualize and shape the future. UNLV Continuing Education's Future Literacy courses will entail framing, designing, scanning, visioning, futuring and adapting. These core competencies are necessary for citizenship in the digital age and have enormous practical value. 

Students taking the courses will learn in a blended learning environment that will combine the classroom with real time and accomplished guest lecturers in the tech, entertainment, and entrepreneur space.


  • Ted Cohen (CEO, TAG Strategic Group)
  • Co-founder J. Alexander Martin, FUBU (Entrepreneur)
  • Gary Shapiro, President of Consumer Technology Association
  • Lil Romeo Miller, No Limit Music (Entrepreneur/Artist/Actor)
  • VC and entrepreneur Nick Zaldastani (Venture Capitalist)
  • Dr. Michael V. Roberts, Founder, Roberts Innovation Group (Businessman/Author)
  • Vinnie Brown, Grammy winning rap artist, (Tech Entrepreneur)

Registration opened November 13, 2023 on, and the first course begins January 23, 2024.