Published: Wed, 04/08/2020 - 20:19
Carola Anderson

You will meet great people from all walks of life looking for a new career.-Carola Anderson, Certified Legal Interpreter 

Carola Anderson brought her human resources degree to Las Vegas about ten years ago so she could work with her husband in the family business. As the years passed, she pondered a career change. 

During her years at university in Argentina, Carola had studied interpretation and translation, but she had not pursued that degree. A fluent Spanish and English speaker, she decided it was time to revisit her interest in interpretation and use it to help people. 

As she pursued career opportunities, she found everyone required certifications or degrees. Carola began searching for programs that led to the necessary certifications in interpretation. 

It was at this time she met UNLV Continuing Education instructor Dr. Elena Gandia Garcia. Dr. Garcia teaches for the Legal Interpretation Certificate: Spanish program and recommended Carola enroll in the program to fine tune her talents and network with other interpreters. 

Carola proved so successful in her studies that she received a job offer before she even completed the certificate. She found that UNLV provided her the tools and opportunities to obtain and pass the certifications and testing necessary to thrive in her new career as a legal interpreter. Her next goal is to take the federal interpreter’s exam so she can continue supporting and helping people at an even higher level.