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Dan Beatty

There is a point in everyone’s life where they reconsider their career path. Dan Beatty’s story shows that, with hard work and vision, it’s possible to re-chart your life’s course.

Six years ago, Dan managed a sporting goods store while also clocking in at a fast food restaurant to make ends meet. But he realized he was not on track to the future he wanted. His search for new career possibilities brought him to UNLV. Memories of running around his grandfather’s dental office inspired him to consider the medical field. With that in mind, he researched options that eventually led him to UNLV Continuing Education’s Medical Assistant program. After he completed his classroom and simulation training, Dan embraced his externship where he continued to take advantage of every opportunity to learn new skills.

Certificate in hand, Dan sifted through his employment options. Taking advantage of the UNLV Alumni connection, he opted to join with Dr. Ravi Ramanathan of Family Doctors of Green Valley as his first job in the medical field. Over the last five years Dan worked hard to rise through the ranks, going from medical assistant, to assistant manager, to clinical manager, to his current position as a practice manager. His long term goals include becoming a senior practice manager where he would run multiple doctors’ offices to eventually becoming a hospital administrator.

All his current success goes back to Dan’s decision to reconsider his future six years ago. He took the path less traveled to find a future full of opportunities and promise.

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