Published: Tue, 06/14/2022 - 20:35
Prepare for a New Career in Tech UNLV Continuing Education’s expanded tech career training


Break into the technology industry or upgrade your skills to stay relevant in today’s technical and digital field. The technology and digital landscape is always changing and many of these fields need qualified and skilled candidates to fill job vacancies. New skills can take you further and expand your options. UNLV Continuing Education offers multiple programs and certifications that will aid you in your current career or a potential new career path.

Our tech programs are designed specifically to help with the digital skills gap and provide accelerated learning opportunities for those looking to transition into the tech workforce. Continuing Education is now offering many programs that meets these needs.

Tech Careers

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Software Development Bootcamp

Data Science & Analytics Bootcamp

Print & Graphic Design

Other Great Careers!

Sales Operations

Sales Development Science

Unmanned Aircraft Systems