Published: Thu, 01/20/2022 - 01:55
Danny Brawn Image


Danny Brawn is the General Manager for Manheim Nevada, a Cox Automotive Company. After starting his education in architectural drafting, he shifted gears and went out into the real world to make money. Along the way a mentor suggested he return to school to further advance his career. In quick succession Danny earned a bachelor’s degree, then a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, and is currently enrolled in another master’s degree program in business. Although his resume is impressive, this story isn’t about Danny’s achievements. This is the story of a man taking a valuable lesson he learned from a mentor and passing it on to his employees.

As a general manager, Danny encourages his employees to gain skills to further their own careers. As an added benefit, bettering his workforce helped his company grow, increased success, and drove employee engagement. The benefits for the individual added to the benefits of the company.

But why UNLV? In his exhaustive search to find the key elements he wanted his employees to learn, Danny discovered UNLV Continuing Education offered several programs that fit his needs. His own experiences led him to encourage his staff to take the Organizational Leadership Certificate Program. Obviously one of Danny’s primary goals is for his company to succeed, but he also strives to give back to people, just like people invested in him throughout his career.

“The benefits have been priceless,” notes Danny, “The sincere appreciation I’ve received by giving them this opportunity has been amazing. Leadership and management are both skills that need continuous refining and improving, and this program provides exactly that for my current and future leaders.”