Melissa Moats voiceover instructor smiling profile photo in front of colorful fence


Believe in yourself.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Continuing Education instructor Melissa Moats lives her life by this motto.

As a young girl growing up in the Midwest, Melissa dreamed of the day when she could spread her creative wings and express her artistic talents for the world to see. Unfortunately there was no template to follow that would satisfy her untapped talents. So Melissa set off on a journey that allowed her to explore opportunities far and wide, eventually establishing her voice acting studio in Las Vegas. But she did not stop there! Melissa continues to expand her artistic reach with new endeavors like her recently published collection of children’s books and the launch of her new children’s show.

Melissa came to be an instructor at UNLV in true storybook fashion. She started as a student. She began by taking voiceover classes at UNLV in 2000. With that experience and her hard work, she racked up impressive acting credits for television, documentaries, video games, commercials and more. These include high profile projects like promos for The Ellen Show, the North American guide voice for Wii Yoga, and the narrator for 
Justin Timberlake’s documentary. Despite her success as an actress, Melissa wanted more. She wanted to give back. She wanted to mentor the next generation of talent much like she was mentored years ago. With her husband, Melissa established The Voice Actors Studio in 2015. Soon after, as chance would have it, UNLV came calling as there was a vacancy in the voice acting department in continuing education. Melissa jumped at the opportunity to bring her career full circle.

Melissa’s main goal as an instructor is to encourage creativity at every level. Obviously she focuses on teaching voice acting skills, but her classes go beyond that. She also gives her students insight into that business world, which can open a new world of possibility that most people don’t consider when contemplating careers. Her classes also help teach confidence by literally finding one’s voice. Melissa’s passion shines through with everything she does. And she’s one of the few individuals that is able to share a piece of that passion for you to use on your own journey.

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