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“What we do changes lives.”

This gets to the heart of Vernetta Thomas’s philosophy. Her art goes beyond capturing mere visuals. It harnesses the emotions, connections, and narratives that make each moment special. This passion is one of the greatest tools she shares with her students at UNLV.

Vernetta Thomas took a unique path towards becoming a professional photographer and graphic designer. She went to school to become an accountant. After finding the corporate world did not suit her wants and needs, she returned to school to become a paralegal. After working on her new craft for several years, she realized she was just doing corporate all over again from a different route. The third time’s a charm as Vernetta went back to school to learn digital photography and graphic design. She already had a love of photography from her father and her own travels through Europe, but that was the old days of film. She needed to make herself relevant in the ever changing digital world, so she learned new skills and perfected her new craft.

Vernetta Thomas has carved a niche for herself in the world of photography and graphic design. Her commitment to capturing genuine moments and telling stories through her images is evident in everything she creates. With her keen eye for detail, storytelling approach, and ability to create a comfortable environment, Vernetta brings out the best in her subjects, resulting in captivating and heartfelt photographs.

Vernetta brings a wealth of experience and industry insights to her role at UNLV. She designs engaging and relevant curricula that equips students with the technical skills, conceptual understanding, and critical thinking abilities necessary to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of photography and graphic design. Her teaching methodology encompasses a blend of hands- on practical assignments, thought-provoking discussions, and exposure to diverse genres.

Vernetta’s commitment to her students extends beyond the confines of the classroom. She acts as a mentor, offering guidance and support as students navigate their artistic journeys. Whether it’s providing career advice, sharing industry contacts, or helping students develop their portfolios, Vernetta is dedicated to helping her students succeed both academically and professionally. In her work at UNLV Continuing Education, she continues to inspire and touch the hearts of those who take her classes, showcasing the timeless beauty of precious moments frozen in time. Instructor Spotlight Vernetta Thomas Photography classes

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