Published: Thu, 01/20/2022 - 01:40
Kerri Carder-McCoy Image


Kerri Carder-McCoy wanted something different. She had a degree in hospitality and built that into a successful career in the San Francisco Bay area for close to twenty years.

But upon moving to Las Vegas, she sought a change of pace. She explored many of the opportunities her new city provided, and realized the legal profession not only prospered here, but also needed skilled workers to fill the expanding vacancies.

Her criteria for gaining the skills for her new trade were simple. She wanted a fast paced, high competency, short program in order to enter the legal field quickly and capably. “I found [UNLV’s] paralegal program, which looked amazing, and it was only a five-month program,” Kerri says, “It was very intense. But I enjoyed it thoroughly and I really got a lot out of it.”

While pursuing her UNLV Paralegal Certificate, Kerri embraced the challenging subject matter and quick pace of the program, and appreciated the support she received from her instructors.

Most of all, Kerri found the program provided benefits beyond just the skills taught in the classes. She was hired through the many connections UNLV has and routinely shares with students.

“As soon as I saw the email (for a paralegal position), I applied right away. Within 24 hours I was given an opportunity to come in for an interview. The interview went great. I had a really good rapport with the person I interviewed with. That same day... they asked me to come back to do a follow up. So I was pretty much hired the same day.” Kerri’s ability to spot opportunity and go after it make her a UNLV success story.

Watch Kerri's video interview below: