Published: Mon, 12/16/2019 - 20:30

UNLV Continuing Education is kicking off 2020 with a revised (and vastly improved!) policy on staff and alumni discounts.

Beginning with spring 2020 classes UNLV staff will receive a standard 15 percent discount on professional development classes and 5 percent off personal enrichment classes. Alumni will receive 5 percent off both professional development and personal enrichment classes. In the past, discounts for staff and alumni were determined on an individual class basis; the new policy standardizes the discounts with very few exceptions.

“We know UNLV employees and alumni often turn to us to build career skills or to take a class just for fun,” notes Continuing Education’s senior program developer Heidi Erpelding-Welch, “Standardizing the discounts simplifies the process so staff and alumni know they will always get added value.”

The staff discount is available to all active UNLV employees, regardless of employment type (classified staff, academic and administrative faculty, LOAs, hourly workers, and student workers).

To view the new staff and alumni discount policies or to request a registration discount for a spring 2020 class, visit or It is easy to request a discount; simply fill out the online request form posted on the website and you will be emailed a discount code once eligibility is confirmed.