woman standing in blue scrubs with arms folded and smiling


If you are passionate about helping people, you will find the Certified Nursing Assistant career truly rewarding. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) play a vital role in the healthcare team, providing essential care to patients in a variety of settings and offer patients compassion and patience while assisting them with day-to-day life tasks such as dressing, bathing and feeding. CNAs enjoy solid job security and frequently work a flexible schedule. Typical work environments include long term care facilities, hospitals, clinics and in the home.

You will be instructed on a broad range of subjects including infection control, communication and interpersonal skills, safety and emergency procedures, personal care skills, psychosocial needs, basic restorative services and skills, basic nursing skills, quality improvement, and more.

This program is perfect for caring individuals seeking an entry-level position in the medical field or those wishing to establish a base knowledge prior to pursuing an RN or other professional health program.

The Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program is offered in collaboration with the Perry Foundation Academy.

Certified Nursing Assistant