• “What we do changes lives.”

    This gets to the heart of Vernetta Thomas’s philosophy. Her art goes beyond capturing mere visuals. It harnesses the emotions, connections, and narratives that make each moment special. This passion is one of the greatest tools she shares with her students at UNLV.


    Take your tech career further or expand your options by staying relevant in in today’s technical and digital field. The technology and digital landscape is always changing and many of these fields need qualified and skilled candidates to fill job vacancies. New skills can take you further and expand your options. UNLV Continuing Education offers multiple programs and certifications that will aid you in your current career or a potential new career path.


  • Eric Prato, Instructor for Taste Like a Sommelier and Natural Wine Movement class, won the 2022 Desert Companion Restaurant Award - Rising Star of the Year Award.

  • Mediation is defined as a structured, interactive process where an impartial third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques. A definition like that would test the limits of boredom when introduced into the real world. Luckily, UNLV Continuing Education’s lead instructor, Patricia Battie, goes above and beyond injecting her enthusiasm and passion into every class.

  • UNLV Continuing Education has some exciting new classes this spring. These classes are a great avenue to upgrade your professional skills, train for a new role, or learn just for fun! Many certificates and classes are now offered in-person or online, and are designed for adult learners.

    New programs for spring 2023 include: 


    It can take a lifetime of practice, experimentation, success, and of course failure to achieve any level of expertise in a field of study. It takes an incredibly special person to turn around and take those years of hard work and offer them up to the next generation. Gae (Gabbie) Hirsch is one of those passionate individuals with her twenty plus years of teaching at UNLV Continuing Education.

  • Accelerate your business and career in tech-enabled professions

    High-growth professions in “codeless” or tech-enabled occupations are also requiring the technical know-how and experience in today’s tech heavy careers. UNLV Continuing Education in collaboration with GreenFig, are now offering programs that helps workers get the digital skills they need.

    Get the top in-demand strategic, tactical, and analytic skills, platform certifications, and career services in one 10-week online program.

    Start from the strategic foundation and go to job-ready execution.

  • It’s time to use your imagination and connect to your creative side!

    Take a look at different paint techniques for watercolor, drawing, acrylics, oils, or mixed media.

    Learn about both the creative and technical sides of the fashion industry through hands-on activities, demonstrations and special events.

    Build proficiency in core design software tools used in the commercial printing and the graphic design industry.

    Produce music and perform at live events when you learn to DJ like a pro.